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    F*ck Yo 30 showers! #AmberRoseSlutWalk

    Over the weekend, Amber Rose held a Slut Walk in Los Angeles. The event was aimed at making women unashamed of their bodies and combating misogyny – standing up against slut shaming, victim blaming, sexual assault, and rape/rape culture. The event also offered on-site services that allowed women the opportunity to get HIV tested, raise their sexual awareness, eat, and purchase cool merchandise among other things. Now, you would think that everyone would stand behind this event. Giving women a chance to own THEIR sexuality and push back againt misogyny/rape culture? I’m all the way here for it. Others of course, were not.

    Twitter erupted with tweets questioning why a Slut Walk was even needed. Men and women alike began spewing hurtful, misogynistic commentary proving why the Slut Walk was necessary in the first place. This was not the first iteration of the event. Slut Walk’s began in Toronto in 2011 after a Toronto Police Officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.

    Here’s the thing… What does it mean to dress like a slut? What does it even mean to be a slut? I’m convinced the terms “slut” “hoe” “bitch” etc. – anything else used to degrade women who own their sexuality – were created by a man who was mad someone wouldn’t sleep with him or a woman who hates herself. Because, the idea that a woman can be shamed for sleeping with however many people she wants to or for being raped (WHICH IS ALWAYS THE RAPISTS FAULT) will never cease to astound me.

    The whole idea of being a slut doesn’t make sense. From what I gather, men don’t want pure, untouched virgins, because who needs a girl getting attached to them but, at the same time a “slut” or woman who has slept with too many people is also undesirable. So, what exactly is acceptable sexual behavior for women? How many men am I “allowed” to sleep with and still be within acceptable “cuffable/wifeable” range? (Seriously, if someone knows the answer to this let me know. I’m really very curious about it.) 

    The idea that men can run around and do whatever they want to with whoever they want to and women need to be demure and curb their sexuality is just complete total and utter bullshit. Screw your double standard. Literally, screw it. So what she wouldn’t sleep with you, but was sexing someone else all day and night- doesn’t make her a slut. Being raped – doesn’t make her a slut. Having a high “body count” – doesn’t make her a slut. Sending a nude – doesn’t make her a slut. Owning, championing, and exercising her sexuality – doesn’t make her a slut.

    Kudos to Amber Rose for hosting this event and for forgiving both Kanye and Wiz Khalifa for the hurtful remarks they made regarding her. If you have a problem with the Slut Walk and all that it stands for then your misogyny or hatred of yourself is showing. Get it togetha.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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