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Dear Summer: Our 6 favs + a playlist

Dear Summer: Our 6 favs + a playlist

We bid farewell to Summer '17 and all of its great memories!

It seems as though the season came and went quickly. You may have spent it working during the day and partying through the nights. Maybe you spent your summer chasing all of your dreams: started a new business, expanded on your current or even made some lasting network connections. Summer love may have grasped your attention and whisked you away from reality. Possibly you spent it traveling and crossing desired actions from your bucket list.

Although our summers differed one thing remained constant, music. We received some great tunes that helped create some our best summer memories.

Below are some of our favorite summer releases!

. SZA dropped arguably one of the best R&B/Soul albums of the year. A long anticipated release that made fans appreciate the wait. 

. GoldLink released an undeniable hit. Setting the vibes for those long drives and kickbacks with friends.

3. Cardi B surprised us with a chart topping single. Solidifying her spot in Hip Hop and creating a whole new level of success for her.

4. LeToya Luckett returned to music with a smooth album made for lovers.

. Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z gave us knowledge and showed us the growth (of a man) in his 4:44 project.

6. Rihanna and Kendrick showed us being loyal could be dangerous, even deadly.  

Listen to our Summer '17 playlist and see what other favorites we shared this summer. 
What was your favorite summer bop?


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