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    A Song for Tasha. #InsecureHBO

    Unless you live under a rock, then you know last night was the season 2 premiere of Issa Rae’s breakout hit, Insecure. Unless you’re also taking a social media sabbatical, then you about know the uproar the episode caused on Black Twitter (and probably participated). From #LawrenceHive and their cape for a man who sleeps on an air mattress to shots at Issa’s miserable attempts at dating, the timeline was in full swing.

    I personally took my talents to GroupMe for a good two hours post-premiere to discuss the episode aka I argued with black men over if Lawrence is “right” or “wrong” for how he’s behaving and if Issa “deserves” her karma. The usual. But in the midst of those conversations and reflecting on the episode with two girlfriends from out of town, I still felt off. Something about Season 2, Episode 1 triggered the entire fuck out of me. I’ve been cheated on but that wasn’t what bothered me. I also equally dislike Issa and Lawrence and I’m here for karma, so that wasn’t it either. It was Tasha. 

    What about Tasha? 

     Image: Insecure HBO

    Image: Insecure HBO

    What about the woman who Lawrence is having amazing sex with? The woman who stares at him with puppy dog eyes after he orgasms and leaves immediately after? The woman falling for a guy who hasn’t worked out his hurt over his ex? A woman who, unknowingly, is doing what we all do best- falling for the emotionally unavailable guy?

    Lawrence’s engagement with Tasha is what triggered me last night to the point of an actual in car scream. In the midst of every conversation that dissects the ‘why’ behind Lawrence & Issa’s demise, no one ever seems to talk about the woman being impacted by it. The bank teller. The woman with the “perky tits” and cute panties. The woman who gets backshots sent from the high heavens. The woman unknowingly caught in the crossfires of a five-year plus relationship ending. We never talk about her emotions. The genuineness of her character. The fact that she truly cares about Lawrence and played her role respectfully when she found out he had a girlfriend. We never talk about the woman that is a reflection of so many of us. 

    I’ve participated in many conversations about Insecure and Tasha is always a footnote. An afterthought. When she comes up, she’s sexualized. And that’s what triggers me. I think back to the times when men used me to get over their exes. Where my warm body and genuine spirit was the comfort they needed to forget their hurt. When sex with me made them momentarily forget the person they actually loved. When those men eventually left.

    And that’s what pisses me off. Lawrence is using Tasha to get over his ex and she doesn’t even get a say. She’s innocently engaging with him, excited for his company, blissful at the idea of dates and a possible future. But at the end of the day, without her even knowing it, she’s just something to do for a man who needs to sit with his hurt. I’m for sure not #TeamIssa. I actually hope they never get back together. But I’m not for Lawrence using another woman’s kind spirit to forget about Issa. He needs to take a step back and feel his hurt. Yes, him being with another woman is Issa’s karma for stepping out. But what will be his karma for playing with the emotions of a woman who doesn’t deserve it?

    I don’t have the answer but fingers crossed Miss Issa Rae provides it with a vengeance this season. 

    Image: Insecure HBO

    Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson

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    1. July 24, 2017 / 5:59 pm

      I have to disagree a little….Tasha is a grown woman knowingly engaging in sex with a guy that she knows just got out of a relationship…she has to be responsible enough to protect herslef…to make sure they both discuss their intentions…that’s what I learned from experience. Is Lawrence wrong, yes, but we have to be accountable, too.

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