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    When I was a kid I loved getting mail. Let’s be real, I still love getting mail. Packages were cool, but letters were even better. I was pen pals with my grandmother and cousin Lauren. As a kid, you don’t get much mail of course so any day I got a letter in a mail felt like Christmas. 

    As I’ve grown up, I’ve continued to write letters although somewhere along the way I stopped mailing them. I write letters to exes to let out all the things I need to say but will never speak out loud to them. I write letters to friends and put them in envelopes but forget to deliver them. I write letters to the someone I’m somehow seeing because I can only process what we are on paper. 

    I write letters,
    to everyone I loved, 
    and sometimes everyone I left. 

    But, rarely to myself. Rarely for myself in all of her past, current, and future glory. Rarely to the women I look up to. Rarely to the women who look up to me. Rarely to the women. 

    So, in the month of December, The Reign XY will be sharing letters. LetHers we’re calling them. LetHers from writers and women I adore, whose words have fed me. LetHers about different stages of the journey. LetHers giving us permission even though we never needed it. 


    I hope you’ll enjoy them and feel a piece of the joy an old-fashioned letter gives or gave you. 
    And I hope we’ll end this year feeling free and ready for 2018. 

    Image: HelloGiggles via GIPHY

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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