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    A Shoutout to the Ones that Hold a Queer Black Girl Down

    Happy Pride loves! This month is a time to celebrate all the beauty that queer folk bring into this world. However, as a queer person, I understand that this month can bring a lot of anxiety as well. Many queer folks are not free to celebrate loud and proud because they have not yet reached the point in their journey of coming out. I’d like to take this space to remind those folks, that that is 100% okay. Your safety and comfort should always come first. And celebrating yourself in the privacy of your own space, working on the strength to celebrate yourself at all, or just treating this month like any other June are all completely valid.

    As someone born into a Jamaican household, I understand the anxiety of coming out. Though I am a baby queer, and still very new on this journey, I have found that it has led me to appreciate the people in my life that have loved me louder even after I thought that this part of myself would make me lose them. Love and support are so important, particularly behind someone that is not always as loved and supported as they should be in society. For that reason, I’d like to take the time to acknowledge the people in my life that have made my journey into queerness a beautiful one. I love you all!

    Queer Black Girl

    Image: Living Single

    Alex: My sister and best friend. Never skips a beat in keeping our relationship exactly as it is.

    Kai: My partner in life and crime. Never fails to make a day something to look forward to.

    Mapp: One of my oldest friends. Who loves me enough to ask all of the right questions.

    Uthman: One of my most trusted friends. Doesn’t have to understand to love and defend me anyway.

    Anna and Maryam: My loving slam aunties. My forever stans. Who were probably more excited about my love life than I was.

    Stephanie and Casey: My favorite cousins, who barely batted an eye, and then asked when they can meet my shawty.

    My Xangels: A tribe of beautiful black women that inspire me to be badder, bolder, and love myself louder everyday.

    Zach: *Jaw drops* “You mean we can be gay… TOGETHER?? YASSS”

    My Mother: “I love whoever you love, and whoever loves you.”

    My Father: (speaking to my girlfriend) “As long as you are a friend of Lindsay’s, you are a friend of mine. And you are always welcome in my house.”

    My Grandmother: “Linny, I still love you. I will always love you.”

    Queer Black Girl

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    Lindsay Young
    Lindsay Young

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