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    Work With What’s Working

    In Season 6, Episode 10 of Girlfriends “My Business, Not Your Business,” Joan strongly considers closing The J Spot after coming to terms with the fact that no one is coming in anymore. Her vision for a tapas bar that would bring elegance and a sophisticated color palette to LA failed. While Joan is giving up, her business partner and friend William is inadvertently turning The J Spot into a sports bar through regular hangouts to watch the games with his friends and co-workers. When Joan learns of this and is encouraged by William to take The J Spot from tapas to sports, she re-buffs at the idea because it wasn’t in line with her original vision. Joan then proceeds to sell her half of the restaurant to William effectively surrendering an opportunity to be successful at something she loves simply because it didn’t come packaged like she wanted it to.

    How many of us do that?
    How many times have you done that?
    How many times have I done that?

    We ask God and the Universe to send us our dream job, project ideas, people to collaborate with, someone to love, and an abundance of opportunities but give up on or miss them all together because they don’t look like what we thought they should. “He’s not 6’4″ so he can’t be who God has for me.” “This job is perfect but it’s across the country and it can’t be in the Universe’s plan for me to leave home.” “I can’t possibly write the book. I’m not good enough,” even though a story has been placed on your heart and is dying to come out. “They’d make the perfect business partner, but aren’t who I had in mind so nah.”

    We do this all the time. How frustrated God must get with us.

    In the middle of Joan’s hissyfit disguised by housecleaning, her friend Toni stops by and reads her for filth. Toni reminds Joan that we have to “work with what’s working” and keep our eyes open for life to look, be, or feel differently than we planned for, while still being exactly what we needed or asked for in the first place.

    Our job is not to question the path when a door has been opened or window cracked enough to crawl through. Our job is not to question the way when it has already been made. Our job is to walk ever forward, working with what’s working along the way.

    Toni Child’s got something right for once.
    Pep talk begins around 14:40.

    Photo Credit: Everett Collection via Yahoo

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