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    to the women waiting with baited breath.

    There is no badge or award for loving a person past the expiration date. Your worth is not tied up in the fact that you stayed long after s/he left. Stop making yourself a martyr for the false lovers who never worshipped at your feet, to begin with. “He’s not the sun. You are,” said Yang. So why do you allow yourself to rise and set at his beck and call? Why do you allow their absence to be the reason you no longer rise to breathe fully each day?

    Stop allowing your story to be one anyone else’s. You are more than that. But to get to that point, you have to recognize it. He is gone. They are not coming back. She is a distant memory.

    A love perfectly meant for you will come. If he was meant to be that, he would’ve stayed. They are gone because they were a chapter, not a book.

    The hardest lesson is choosing not to be defined by the absence of companionship. You weren’t raised to be so weak and feeble. Who taught you love like this? Love like this, a love like that, was not ordained from the Most High. It was not sent to move mountains, to bend waters, to offer praise. It was sent to cause storms. To drown. To suffocate. It’s up to you to know the difference.

    Stop making a man out of a boy. Stop making a lover out of a farce. Stop settling each night for a person who would never, and will never, rise for you. Stop being a woman who waits with baited breath for a love that was never meant to be yours.

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    Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson

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