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    Thirty-something plus days into 2018 and I found something better to do. Something beyond waiting for a text back, wondering when I’ll meet THE guy, asking myself if I came off too ‘independent’ on that date. One-twelfth of the way in, I got a life.

    Don’t get me wrong; I definitely have a life (and I know you have one, too). But how much of that life is dedicated to men? Men who when you take a step back are emotionally void, sassy when called out on their behavior, and crybabies when they don’t get their way? How many hours have you logged worrying about a man who probably has a week’s worth of dishes in his sink? 

    I’ll hang myself out to dry here and answer for you–too many. Too many of your precious hours have been wasted thinking about a man (or men) who really aren’t worth all of that energy. Too much time spent clocking God when He works on His own time. One month in and I’ve realized, what’s mine will be for me. God has something in store and when it comes, baby, it will come. I- and you- don’t have to wait with baited breath for the right man to appear. The ‘right’ man will not ‘choose’ you. YOU will decide that the man is the RIGHT one. 

    So find something better to do. Date. Have sex. Date some more. Have some more sex. Honestly get free meals and have great sex because you deserve. Find out what you like. What brings you joy. What you absolutely will not tolerate (because men who get attitudes and reply “whatever” just aren’t my testimony in 2018). Open your mind to the fact that you can’t put a timeline on this shit. And for that reason alone, you need to live your best life. Your best life not worried about the what-ifs. The maybes. The love that faded. The fears. Your best life not spent hung up on men who don’t have the common decency to not play with your heart. 

    As you journey through this year, stop running. The days and weeks are dragging by for a reason. Take some time to enjoy your present. Enjoy the no-strings. Enjoy the multiple suitors. Enjoy finding something better to do.  

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    Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson

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