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    Why They Really Care about Body Counts

     “I’m sorry, how many people did you say you slept with again?”

    Ah, the body count debate. 

    It’s the stuff of legend, bringing forth declarations that can really make you look at a person sideways, depending on your personal views.

    “I can’t be with anyone if they have (x number) of bodies, that’s thot behavior.”

    “One person or one hundred people, as long as they’re committed to me, I don’t care.”

    “More bodies than me? That’s too many. What if they caught an STD?”

    Pay close attention, friends.

    Those who have bias against others with “high” body counts are fully entitled to have those biases. Their body, their choice. Here’s the thing, more often than not, their most vocal complaints are team tew much! We’ve heard them all before:

    “Too many” bodies means:

    a.) You’re a thot/slut/hoe/blah blah blah;
    b.) You probably don’t use protection, and are therefore spreading HIV/herpes/other cooties to as many people as you possibly can;
    c.) You make poor life decisions, like is ice cream good to eat for breakfast, or whether to pay taxes.

    I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t bugging about this, so I asked several people for their opinions on body counts.

    Why is 11-15 bodies considered to be high by so many Twitter users?

    I think seeing the physical number resonates with you, like “Oh shit…that means 11-15 different dicks/vaginas have been in your vicinity.” It’s gross to think about that, especially if you like the person. – Ania, 21

    What perception does one’s number give to a potential partner?

    To me, it shows that you like sex! [laughs] You could be a thot, or a nympho, or your moral compass was in a different place than mine. But at this point we’re grown. I think men and women have been conditioned to think that women need to have low body counts, when in reality, if you’re 22 with 10 bodies, and you’ve been fucking since you were 15/16 that sounds kind of feasible considering how society is now. I’m not judging you, just make sure you don’t have any STDs or STIs. – Ania, 21

    A high number of partners shows that a person shows that a person may or may not have been exposed to STI/STDs; or that they have a lot of experience which could translate to being good in bed. Whereas a lower number could show the person is conservative or that they may lack sexual ability. – Dallas, 21

    It matters to an extent, but it ultimately depends on the person and the context. 6 bodies can either be a lot or a few, depending on if that person just started having sex last week or 4 years ago. If you love somebody and are really feeling their vibes, you have to figure out what baggage you’re willing to deal with and what baggage you’re not even going to think about accepting. – CJ, 21

    So what’s the real tea on why body counts are even up for debate?

    I believe the feeling is a possessiveness. We (males) don’t hold ourselves to the same standard sexually as we would our female partners, due to a feeling that would impact a woman’s image of purity in our minds. – Julien, 21

    A number doesn’t change the way I view a person because I just expect everyone’s to be “high”. I can’t be mad at their sex life before me. I fake care about numbers. Finding out that my boyfriend’s number was double digits made me scrunch up my face, but I was okay after. – Ashley, 21

    Male insecurities are things like what did other guys do with/to the girl…if they were bigger/better than him. If it’ll [vagina] be loose, even though that’s not how vaginas work, stuff like that. I honestly don’t care that much, I mean of course 15 is a lot. The most I’ve dated is someone with 5, and honestly, it’s worrisome at first but at some point you gotta realize that none of that really matters. If girls were to discriminate against us for high body counts, none of us would get any play. It’s a maturity thing. – Zay, 21

    What’s your advice to people who let bodies hold them back from pursuing someone?

    Stop being childish [laughs]. If the person is really about you, they will be about you and only you. Understand the situation and act accordingly. – Dallas, 21

    “Look bro that don’t even matter for real.” If you want them, then you want them, and that’s basically it! – Zay, 21

    At the end of the day…

    Judging a potential partner for the number of bodies they have says more about you than them. You may think you’re dodging a bullet by avoiding someone with a “high” number, but the truth is, they’re the lucky ones. Everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are, but no relationship is healthy if one person pushes their insecurities onto the other.

    Before you roll your eyes like, “The author probably has a ton of bodies”, you should know I only have one, my partner has several (some I know personally *gasp*), but we still manage to respect each other. So, what’s your excuse?

    Arielle Nicole
    Arielle Nicole

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