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    Date Ideas That Don’t Suck: NYC Edition

    The best date I ever went on was a seemingly random trek through New York City with a man I met the night before at Brooklyn Museum’s First Friday event. Mind you, this all happened summer 2015 ┬áso it must have been a stand out for me to be writing about it now. Maybe it wasn’t what we did, but the person I was doing it with? Who knows! Either way, let’s get into it.

    Location 1: West Fourth Park

    Photo Credit: TripSavvy

    The whole day started because I said I was going to West Fourth Park and dude asked if he could go with me. He didn’t seem like a total creeper the night before, so I said yes. Hopped on the train, found a park bench to read on while I waited (he was coming from Brooklyn), and eventually met him there. This location was cool as a starting place because it gave us a chance to talk in a chill environment and set the tone for the day we spent together; it gave us a springboard. We people watched, wandered around NYU’s campus some, popped into an old bookstore, and watched some basketball at the courts nearby.

    Of course we got hungry and since we were enjoying each other’s company, made our way around Greenwich Village to find food.

    Location 2: Five Guys

    Photo Credit: Dezeen

    I’m really not sure how we decided upon Five Guys as our meal. It might have been because I had never had it before (for a burger place it is far from cheap). Either way, we pulled up to the local spot, got some burgers and fries and continued the conversation. We talked about everything from why I was in NYC to what he did for a living and the food was straight. Solid second stop.

    Note: If you’re planning this in advance, there are many better options than Five Guys in the Greenwich Village/Chelsea area. So please, go there.

    Location 3: The High Line/Chelsea Piers

    Photo Credit: The Square Foot

    Last stop, the High Line and Chelsea Piers. Again, we didn’t go into the outing with a set plan on what we’d do. Hell, may plan for the day was def just to wander about and explore that area of Manhattan regardless of whether he came along or not. So after food, it was sort of us like, well what else is down here? And what else fits with everything else we’ve done? We could’ve ducked into a movie or found some other activity to do, but we ended up walking from Five Guys to the High Line and then to the Chelsea Piers. In both places we stopped to take in the scenery around us, continuing to talk to learn more about each other, and probably eating more too. I vaguely remember ice cream cones.

    I share this date because while I don’t think more than $30-$40 was spent, I know I had a great time. This again shows that a good date doesn’t have to be expensive! And, we went on to date for the rest of that summer, so I think it’s safe to say he had a good time too. There might have been more “exciting” things to do, but I remember this date three years later because we were able to actually talk and get to know each other, there was no pressure, and I genuinely had fun. It goes to show that even in a city with endless opportunities for plans, sometimes the best plan is just to wing it.

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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