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    Drunk In Love

    Drunk in love.
    Except there’s no beach like Hov and Bey.
    That ‘one shot too many’ faded.
    Seeing double in the bathroom mirror.
    Wondering how the hell we got here. Again.
    Intoxicated from everything wrong about you.

    Drunk in lust.
    Sending you an invite to me. 
    Hoping to steal a piece of you in return.
    Selfishness and desperation. 
    Except with you it always feels better.
    Like a high you can’t come down from.
    Exchanging the burn in my chest for the temporary breeze.
    But addiction never ends well.

    Drowning in love.
    Pouring up another shot of you.
    Round after round until we both sink.
    Falling from the error of it all.
    Like a night of bad decisions.
    When bad nights turn to worse days
    Years later still drunk with you.

    From the nights, days and years before.
    Needing to quit yet needing your fix.
    Temptation draws me back in.
    The one last shot before I tap out.
    That one shot too many.
    Stumbling back down the same hallway.
    Drunk in and out of love. 


    Image: Tumblr

    Victoria Jackson
    Victoria Jackson

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