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    Go forth and date!

    Knock on wood but it looks like the weather is about to break for spring which means dating can get interesting again because we don’t have to hide in the house and out of the cold. If you don’t consider the beginning of spring the end of cuffing season or even if you do and just want some cool ideas for dates with your warm weather prospects, read on. 

    • Bookstore dates

    Listen, I love to read. Let’s go to a bookstore, spend hours perusing the shelves and then go home and read. You read your book. I’ll read mine. We don’t have to talk. You don’t have to tell me about what you’re reading unless you’re into it. I’ll be thrilled just to be in your presence curled up with a good book – two of my favorite things. Low maintenance concept, big win in the end. 

    • Museum dates

    This really doesn’t need an explanation. But, I’m tryna get my culture up/on and hopefully you are too. Museums are a great way to spend a Saturday. Let’s go see an exhibit on Ancient African History or travel to ancient China and open our minds in the process. Art museum and chill anyone? 

    • Cooking dates

    So, I consider myself my grandmother’s protege, but there’s always more to learn! Let’s take a cooking class together and drum up some dish we’ve never heard of and won’t be able to replicate once we get home. Or, lets go to the grocery store buy random ingredients and see what we come up with! The way to anyone’s heart is through the kitchen, let’s take the heat together. 

    • Nap dates

    ‘Nuff said. 

    • Park dates

    My dream date has got to be living out what Luther Vandross sings in ‘Can I Take You Out Tonight.’ Why yes, you can take me to the movies, to the park and have me home before it’s dark. More points for you if the movie is showing in the park during the summer and we bring a picnic blanket + food and take it all in. EXTRA EXTRA points if the movie is in black and white or technicolor. What can I say? I’m an old soul. 

    • Spontaneous traveling dates

    Bae isn’t bae if bae don’t travel with you. Where is your passport at? Let’s book this flight and be outtttttttttt. Although domestic weekend trips can also be a thing. I’ve always wanted to drive through New England in the fall, go fishing for lobster in Maine, and see Seattle. You ready? Let’s get this mileage up. 

    • Live-music dates

    Duh. Concerts are just fun. But, I’m also down to see a show at a hole-in-the-wall spot that features an up and coming artist or one of my faves like Corinne Bailey Rae. Neo-soul for the win. 

    • Poetry dates

    Just, yes. Poetry, spoken word. Let’s go. 

    • Getting lost dates

    I fancy myself and wanderer and just think spending a day wandering around a city and seeing what we get into would be so much fun. Just setting out with no particular destination or activity in mind, enjoying the ride and creating magic along the way. Sounds like the perfect date to me. 

    • Re-visit your childhood dates

    Bounce house? Lazer tag? Go-karting? All those things we used to do in middle school? Yes please! 

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