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    the taste of me lingers on his lips and you can still feel my presence around. know that someone, I, for better or for worse, was there before you.

    his family still asks about me. how’s XYZ? my family stopped asking a long time ago.

    it’s a holiday. “Merry Christmas.” “Happy Birthday.” telling me this as if we didn’t stop celebrating together many, many moons ago. 

    you can see me in his eyes. feel the warmth of my body on his skin. come to know the things I taught him, his light bulb moments, every time he opens his mouth to speak.

    i am fire. stand too close and you get burned. he was water. always trying to put me out. maybe you two together, are sun and moon, yin and yang, day and night. opposites that compliment, instead of extinguish.

    at some point, it becomes less about proving how happy you are without the person and more about just actually being happy in your new state of being. it’s not possible to “win the breakup.” sure, she isn’t you, but maybe she’s what he needs. she’s things you couldn’t be. and what’s wrong with that?

    you don’t care when you no longer have to proclaim that sentiment. caring is loud. indifference is quiet. and prototypes, well, they can change. right?

                        Image: “Girl 6” by Spike Lee  

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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