a scammer's guide to cuffing season

We've all seen the memes. Every year as summer comes to an end, a cuffing season schedule pops up on the TL. 

Never had a winning season before? Don't worry, The Reign XY is here to help you help you pull off whatever scam needed in order to get the championship ring or add a star player to your team? A roster? Whatever your goals are this season, we got you. Here we go. 

When they stay over


When they come to you as a "woman" 


When someone shows you your ex boo's new girl on IG


When you're just in it for the food


When someone brings you the tea on your new boo 

When they attempt to ghost you 


When they ask you to describe yourself


When the tell you they love you 


When they're just tryna f*ck 


When they make a valid point in the argument 

giphy (3).gif

When you're deciding if they're credentialed enough for you 


And always remember.... 


Or as we like to believe, scam them, before they scam you. 

Happy Cuffing Season!

Images: GIPHY or Branden Miller

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