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    these are the sounds of love makin’.

    Love sounds like ‘As’ by Stevie Wonder. “Check your account.” “You hungry?” “Did you eat today? Why not babe? Here, order yourself some food.” The silence of really listening to you when you speak. 

    Asking about ones day and actually caring about the response. “I’m so proud of you.” “If you’re down to build, I’m down to work.” “Welcome home. 

    The, “Oh shit” when he first slides in that has less to do with the sensation of parts and more to do with sharing your space meaning something again. “I told XYZ about you.” “I’m outside.” 

    A playlist of songs you won’t be able to listen to anymore if the love ends, but can’t stop looping on repeat. “We graduated today.” The way Alicia Keys says, “Hello, it’s me,” and how J.Cole wants to fold clothes. 

    It’s ‘How does it feel?’ and fire you make. The click of keys typing texts to all the shawties you used to see, letting them know you found a cutie pie with whom you wanna be. The ring of a Facetime call when texting won’t do. The holy shit you hear in your head when you send a random nude. 

    “I can’t wait to meet your family.” “Mom, this is _____. Yea, the one I was telling you about.” Coming home to “Honey, how was your day?” Hearing “I got it,” and believing it to be true. 

    Love sounds like finally hearing words you can believe in. Emotions you can trust. Expression. Coming home. To one you always knew existed, but hadn’t yet found. 

    Belting out, ‘All the Man I Need’ by Whitney Houston, because finally, he is. 

    What are some of your favorite love songs? Let us know in the comments!

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