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    Out of sight, out of mind.  
    Out of body, out of mine. 

    Looking down at myself, wondering what’s happening.
    You ever watched yourself fall in love?  

    I have and it’s an interesting sensation.  

    They say that you should rise in love. But, sometimes you can’t help but fall, fall, fall.  

    What is it about fall? Fall and I? She always brings me men I know I can’t have but want to keep anyway. Lock and key. Throw away. I always fall for her trap and under their spell. Like the leaves on the trees, they enchant me. Ever growing. Ever changing. Ever exposing. Different sides of themselves so you never feel like you’ve got the whole story. Forced to stick around because you want the whole story. Story. Let me tell you about when I fell in love.  

    It was a warm fall day, as far as fall days go. A day that made you feel good like a track by Masego. That girl was wifeable, but not yet a girlfriend. She was holding out hope that one day, she’d be visible again. 

    Visible. Viable. A relationship was possible. As you went down the list and checked it twice, it wasn’t hard to see that everything lined up nice. Stimulating. Electric. Moments. Movements. Conversations. Gibberish.  

    I fell in love in the fall in a window sill. Above a basement that was occasionally light filled.  

    Me, men, and fall. 
    But nothing ever lasts till spring. 


    Image: Brown Sugar

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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