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    Summa Summa Summa Time: Date Ideas that don’t Suck

    Recently, I had a Sunday date in Philly, my current home/city that I’m trying to conquer. This date was brought to me by a local guy and it was simple yet so lit. We started our afternoon out with tacos (that included complimentary margaritas with each order) and then moved to the park. “The Plateau”, as I was told, is where Will Smith was rapping about in “Summer Time” (“Back in Philly we be out in the park/A place called the Plateau is where everybody goes”).

    When I say Belmont Plateau is the epitome of black joy, honey. We parked the car and observed everything from old heads flexing in their old school cars, youngins on dirt bikes, a guy in a very nice camo bucket hat selling barbecue dinners, speaker systems blasting Migos, horses (!), and more or less summer time choosing of potential baes. I was enthralled and that date definitely goes down as a Top 10 in my book.

    So that, among other things (including my general tendency to take myself out on dates), got me thinking about all of the lit and cheap summer dates you can go on in your city. Then I got to thinking about the lit and cheap summer dates YOU (yes you 20-something year old woman conquering your local city) can plan for some lucky guy or girl. And with that…The Reign XY’s Summer Time Date Guide idea was born. But before we get into some prospects…

    Tips for Planning a Fun but Inexpensive Date (No Matter Where You Live):

    1. Do some research.

    All major cities, and most suburbs, have websites for local tourism and events. Philly’s version, visitphilly.com has monthly calendars with events in and around the city.

    2. Find daily specials/deals.

    Without a doubt, there are activities to be found where you don’t have to pay full price. Groupon is your friend here and will lead you to victory. Don’t be shy about calling your favorite bar/restaurant and inquiring about weekly specials they may offer. One of my favorite brunch spots in Philly does a weekend happy hour deal for half-off drinks during brunch hours. Remember, a closed mouth don’t get fed.

    3. Be open-minded.

    The “perfect” date is a combination of location AND chemistry, chemistry with the other person and/or your environment if you’re solo. Just about any spot can provide the foundation for a good date and the point is to just not waste your hard work and energy on a person who isn’t decent company and up for a good time. And if you’re solo, that also means not taking yourself out on a date when you know you have sixty million deadlines and know for a fact you won’t be mentally present. 

    And with that, let the summer commence! Stay tuned for Date Ideas that Don’t Suck in major cities across the USA. 


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    Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson

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    1. May 30, 2017 / 7:25 pm

      This is so LIT! I love the concept and I definitely agree that dates don’t have to max out credit cards and break the bank. It’s all about being creative and thinking outside of the box. I seriously believe that if the guy isn’t taking the time to see what activities you guys can immerse yourselves in , he’s really not that interested…ESPECIALLY over the summer.

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