two can play that game

Two Can Play that Game has been one of my favorite movies ever since I was first introduced to it a few years ago (Yes, a few years ago, don’t judge). A fav probably because I suck at playing games and Shante was an inspiration. Also, and always Morris Chestnut.  

The movie takes us through 10 days after Shante’s man Keith messes up and outlines the various steps or games that must be played to win him back “behaved” should she decides she wants to. 

Rule 1. Never panic. Stay Cool. Act Like it doesn’t bother you one bit and address the issue head-on.
Rule 2. Never let your girlfriends know the Whole Situation. They’ll give you bad advice and ruin your confidence. And Confidence is Key. 
Rule 3. Break up with him before he breaks up with you. Whoever breaks up With the Other person first wins. 
Day one. He will Call (Contact) you today unless he is a fool. 
Rule 4: When your man messes up, no matter how small, you gots to punish him. punish him hard.
Day Two and Three are  Breeze. 
DAY Four. Energy is transferred.
Day Five and Six Are bad For you. 
Day seven. you’re seeing other People. He’s not thinking about you so you aren’t thinking about him. 
Day Eight. You’re Preparing to make up. 
Day nine. SUPPosed to be kicking back waiting for him to come to you. 
Day Ten. It all went to Shit.

Now as funny as the movie is, I always wondered, how would something like this go in real life? Would the two parties still end up together? How do you know what stage of the game you’re at? Who keeps track of wins and losses? And, is it possible to lose too much pride/dignity during the match to the point where even if you do get back together, one party still loses because the power imbalance is so off? 


Does it really matter who texts who first more often? Whose it idea it was to see the movie/go to the concert/order in? After how many days will he call? Do people even call anymore? Or is text the wave? How long should one wait before texting back?


I mean couldn’t Shante have just told Keith that what he did was kinda shady? He could have apologized. She could have forgiven him and they could have continued right on. (I know this doesn’t make for an interesting movie, but stick with me here).

Why are we so interested in “punishing” people for their wrongs in life and in love? Wouldn’t talking things out just be easier? 

Never been good at games this way or maybe I have been. At the very least, I know that I hate them. So, if they’re what it takes to get ahead in the relationship arena I’ll probably never win a championship. Much more interested in laying all the cards on the table from jump and seeing wherever the hell things go. This whole being a savage thing is overrated. 

Have a question? Ask it. 
Did something shady? Tell me.
Wanna talk to me? Call. Text. FaceTime. Tweet. Facebook message.
Wanna see you? Where are you and what are you doing?

10 days is a long time to waste fighting and playing games when we could be making up and moving on. 

Some will say it’s overeager or being pressed. But, maybe it’s just making things simple. Knowing what you want and going after it. Taking the ball straight to the hoop, no passing, crossovers, step backs, or fan fare needed. Getting ahead as quickly and simply as possible. 

After all, the aim of the game is to win. Right? 
Why not cut out all the plays, fakes, dribble lefts, go rights, and just get the ring?

Cutting out the hysterics, games, and mess should enable us all to get what we want. And maybe then, things will actually be fair in love and war. Or, we’ll at least get to the part where we’re in love. Because, ya know, who really wants to fight, or even worse, lose?

Gabrielle Hickmon

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