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    you will: once upon the next time around

    You will undoubtedly be excited about the possibilities. A little nervous too – nervous excitement, let’s call it that. You will want to move faster, but know that you need to take it slow. You will wonder if this could possibly maybe now be the real thing, like for real, for real. You will want to skip all the steps to get to the “good part.” My darling, hasn’t life and love taught you that a strong foundation is essential because homes built on quicksand cannot stand? Haven’t you learned by now that the steps are the good part. The steps are what a lifetime is made of. 

    You will be apprehensive because the cynical, pessimistic side of you will wonder if you should bother. You will worry about how much to share and when to share it because you’ve put yourself out there a few times before and feel like it has never gotten you where you wanted to go. You are experiencing this weird sensation of coming back to both yourself, life, and love again – just like I told you you would, after the awkward ending and stress of loving again. Stress compounded by the situation not panning out how you wanted it to. And, this enchants you a little bit. I was going to say scares, but that is not applicable because you are not afraid anymore. 

    You have done this a few times now, in a few different ways and you kind of know better – know yourself better I mean to say. You are more comfortable in your own skin. More comfortable with your likes and dislikes, needs and wants, pet peeves and turn ons. Life has shown you that there is always more life, light, and love out there – so you know for a fact that you will be okay if you should end up not okay… eventually. You are kind of just along for the ride. 

    You will want to skip ahead – don’t. The steps are the good part. You will think you know all the answers – you don’t. There are always lessons to be learned. You will want to let your guard down –  do it. Try and be sure before you do. You will want to relax and enjoy this one, without worrying about the outcome – so go ahead sis, soak it all in.

    You will feel more confident in this model of yourself, and I’ll pray this newfound spirit – appreciation of life, belief in the ever present opportunity of love, and knowledge of self – never leaves you. 

    You will stand on your own two feet even as the winds of change, life, and love swirl around you. You will know that you can and will always return to yourself. You will trust in the process and relish in the moments. You will be strong. You will embrace what is in front of you. You will engage in a love that finally makes you feel free. You will be free. You will finally always, in all ways, be yours – even when you are someone else’s.  

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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    1. September 20, 2016 / 4:16 pm

      I’ve been looking for wall decals to decorate my life. "The steps are the good part. The steps are what a lifetime is made of" sounds like a pretty good start.

    2. September 20, 2016 / 4:17 pm

      PLUS I’ve always wanted a love like Dre and Syd.

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