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Rihanna was spotted leaving her Soho NYC hotel on Monday afterno


Bye Spring!: Faves, Stash & Trash

Stephanie Emenyonu

Spring 2017 has left the building.



As a final adieu to spring, here are 7 products that were good (and not-so-good) to me this past season.


1. Nike+ Training Bodyweight Only Plan

I finished my first Nike+ Training Program! Seeing as I wanted to workout without a gym this spring, this app was perfect for establishing a routine with high intensity workouts. I’m looking to start the Lean Fit Plan next.



2. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Bouncy Hydrating Gel

I decided to try this gel-based moisturizer after getting a sample from Sephora. I tried the product for about 3 months. The formula was in fact very hydrating, but at the end of the day I wasn’t seeing any significant difference in my skin. I will not be repurchasing.



3. Freeman Purifying Avocado+Oatmeal Clay Mask

I originally got this mask from my sister. I apply it at night as part of my nightly routine a few days a week. It removes imperfections and leaves my skin feeling soft and radiant in the morning. I have already repurchased it.


4. Colgate Total Whitening

Yaaa, I put my toothpaste in here. But I love it so much! Over the past 6+ months of me using it my teeth have definitely whitened and I just received a clean bill of health from my dentist (so it must be working, right?). I have already repurchased this gem.



5. OGX Hydrate + Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Creamy Hair Butter

Not sad to see this go. I originally purchased it because my original love (OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter) was not in stock. This leave-in served as a decent substitute, but I am happy to be reunited with the version that my hair loved.



6. OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment

This has easily become my favorite deep conditioner of all time. I have already talked about it in my spring 2017 wash routine article (see here). It keeps my wash day simple, while hydrating and repairing my hair on the regular. I will for sure be repurchasing.



7. LA Girl Pro Concealer- Fawn & Chestnut

This concealer has been giving me life for some time now. The formula is on the thicker side and blends beautifully (but don’t let it sit on your face too long before blending because it dries in place very well). I’ve tried other concealers and now they just seem too watery to me compared to the LA Girl Pro Concealer. I will be repurchasing both shades.

Any products you loved or never want to see again from this past spring? Let us know!

Denim on Denim

Gabrielle Hickmon


Something about denim on denim just feels like the epitome of everything I ever hoped my style would be. Feels like summer. Feels like sipping a cocktail on a roof with a view. Feels like finally being comfortable during a photo shoot. Feels like driving with the windows down. Feels like shedding winters weight and walking into life a-new. 

On a recent trip to the Chi, I brought out my denim on denim because why not? Plus, Summertime Chi is not anything you play with. If you're gonna go, go to slay. 


Top: LLULO (sold out)// Similar ASOS | ASOS
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch
Heels: Steve Madden Carrson

Photos: Bennie Niles IV @bennienilesiv on Twitter/IG

Enhance Your Slay: New Goodies

Jakira Shaw

If you’re as much of a makeup junkie as I am, you’re constantly on the hunt to find new products to create gorgeous looks with. Even if you’re just getting into makeup, I’m sure you can share the appreciation for a shiny new palette.  Regardless of where you fall on the beauty junkie spectrum, we’ve got you covered. Here are some amazing new products you can expect to find in stores or online soon:

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette $54 Available 7/10 online and 7/13 in stores

Photo: Allure

Photo: Allure

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette $34 Available 6/21 on Morphe’s website

Photo: Twitter Jaclyn Hill

Photo: Twitter Jaclyn Hill

Fenty Beauty Coming Fall 2017

Photo: US Magazine

Photo: US Magazine

Balmain x L’Oreal lipsticks Coming September 2017

Photo: Instagram Olivier Rousteing

Photo: Instagram Olivier Rousteing

ICYMI Here are some recent releases that we're loving for this summer:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit $40

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills Website

Photo: Anastasia Beverly Hills Website

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit $40

Photo: Hello Miss Niki

Photo: Hello Miss Niki

Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette $35

Photo: Juvia's Place

Photo: Juvia's Place

Becca Glow Gloss $22

Photo: Instagram Becca Cosmetics

Photo: Instagram Becca Cosmetics

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer $25

Photo: Allure

Photo: Allure

What are your favorite products this summer? Comment Below and let us know!

Watch Out for Me, I'm About to Glow

Gabrielle Hickmon

You asked and I finally delivered.
I know. It took me forever.
But, we’re here now.

Image: GIPHY

Image: GIPHY

Get into my skincare regimen so that you too can glow.
Products are linked at the bottom of the post.



Step 1: CeraVe Hydrating Face wash

Every morning, I wash my face with CeraVe's Hydrating Face Wash face wash in the shower. I simply wet my face, squirt one or two pumps into my hands, and rub the face wash all over my face in a circular motion. I try to rub it into each area of my face twice, making sure I get in really deep.

Step 2: Rinse + Pat Dry

After I’m satisfied that I’ve thoroughly washed my face, I rinse with water from the shower and pat dry with a washcloth/towel. The patting dry I think is pretty important here because washcloths/towels can be pretty abrasive and patting dry ensures I’m getting all the water + product off without stressing out my skin.

Step 3: Moisturize

After washing, rinsing, and drying, I apply my moisturizer. I use Purpose Dual-Action Moisturizer or almond oil to seal in the magic of my face wash, add SPF, and ensure I stay moisturized, glowy, and dewy throughout the day. I find I only need one good pump of either product (Purpose or almond oil) and make sure you hit both your face and neck. For years I used only Purpose but then I ran out and couldn't find it in Philly so I switched to almond oil. I was happy with the results of both and think you could use either and get great results. I've switched back to Purpose after finding it at Target in Virginia and buying every bottle they had on the self. I will say that almond oil lends itself to more of an outright glow because it's an oil and sort of rests on your skin as it moisturizes, whereas Purpose is going to sink in more. What I might try is using both - applying Purpose first for general moisture and almond oil for shine? But we'll see, that might be a little tew much. 


File_000 (4).jpeg

At night, whether I wore makeup or not, I make sure to go over my face with either a makeup wipe or some form of oil to get all of the dirt and grime from the day off before going to sleep. Lately, I’ve been using Bolden USA’s Natural Shea Oil with Vitamin E on a cotton swab or CeraVe makeup removing wipes to take off my makeup and cleanse my face at night. You’ll notice I don’t go through the same cleansing routine because I find my skin needs different things at night than it does during the day.

Bolden's oil is great because Vitamin E is also great for the under-eye area. I don't suffer from dark circles anything crazy most days, but, if they're flaring up bad, I'll mix some almond oil and rosewater and apply it to my under-eye area, in addition to Bolden's oil. I find this helps extra combat dark circles by brightening the area and tightening the skin. 

I love using oils at night because they serve a dual purpose. They both take off makeup, and moisturize the skin at the same time. As someone with dry skin, moisture is extremely important to me.

Once a week

Image: Glossier

Image: Glossier

Last but not least, once a week I take 40ish minutes and do a mask set. I’m obsessed with Glossier’s set as it both pulls out toxins via the mud mask and restores lost moisture via the moon mask.


Wet your face. Put on the mud mask. Let sit for 20 mins. Rinse off. Pat face dry. Apply moon mask. Let sit for 20 mins. Rinse off. Apply almond oil or Purpose moisturizer. Given that I usually do the mask at night, I’m more likely to apply almond oil post mask set. On nights that I mask I do not apply almond oil and rosewater to my under-eye area.

The morning after a mask, I wake up and go through my regular morning routine.

And there you have it, my skin care regimen. I have literally been doing the same thing since like 14/15 and apparently it works because people have been telling me I look very young lately. I added in Glossier’s mask after their launch and to this day it’s the only mask set I use. I’m kind of obsessive. Once I find a product I like, I stick to it.

It’s important for me to note that I have DRY skin. So I have no clue how/if this routine would help or be of use to someone with oily, or T-zone skin. To be honest, I recommend seeing a dermatologist if you feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t achieve the skin you want.

Lastly, I eat decently healthy, but credit my regimen with my clear skin more than my diet even though I know it all works together. I also should drink more water than I do (I’m getting there), so, if you were looking to this post for the whole “it’s just water thing” that’s not at all what you got.

Anyway. Read it and weep. Try it or don’t. Mostly, I’m just proud of myself for finally writing the post.

May you glow all summer 17.

(most of which you can buy at Target, with the most expensive being the mask set).

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Purpose Dual Action Moisturizer 
(this link is to Target South Africa because abroad Gabby, but your local US target should have it).
Almond Oil (Amazon or Vitamin World should have this).
Bolden Natural Shea Oil with Vitamin E
Glossier Mask Duo Set
Rosewater (I just got mine from a local co-op in Michigan).

Thanks to Bolden USA for sending me their Shea Oil and thanks to you for supporting the brands that support The Reign XY. 

Red Lips? Timeless

Jakira Shaw

There are some looks in Beauty that the makeup gods have deemed classic:

·      Cat eye
·  Smoky eye
·      Fresh face (The “I’m not wearing any makeup, but really I am” look)
·      Rosy cheeks
·      And most importantly the Red lip!

Lipstick or “lip painting” dates back to ancient Egypt, where men and women colored their lips using ingredients like red ochre, carmine, wax or fat. Even before then, Ancient Sumerian men and women also painted their lips using things like crushed gemstones and white lead. Believe me when I say the red lip is, timeless.

Fast-forward to present day and not much has changed. Women (and men) are still slaying the scene with their vibrant red lips. What’s made this look last so long (hundreds of years!), is its versatility. From a day at the museum to a night at the club with your crew – a red lip will not fail you (usually).

2 things to keep in mind so that it doesn’t fail you:

The rest of your makeup and the occasion

What you do with the rest of your face will determine whether or not the red lip makes sense. For example, it probably isn’t the brightest idea to have a smoky eye and red lip when you’re taking a trip to the grocery store. Save that look for a night out with friends or a fancy dinner! Red lips also don’t go with any and all colors. If you’re feeling a bright pop of color on the eye, it’s best/safe to go with a nude lip or a gloss of some sort. I think a good rule of thumb is if you plan to go wild on the eyes, a red lip is probably not your best bet.

The shade of red

As beautiful as a bright red looks, (on some people) it’s definitely not for everyone. Your complexion and undertone will play a role in the shade of red suited best for you.  In most cases, the bright reds complement fairer toned skin complexions, whereas deeper/richer reds seem to really work well on darker complexions. This shouldn’t stop you from exploring all shades of red though; sometimes a bright red works perfectly with a dark lip liner regardless of complexion. Just be mindful, we don’t want you out here looking crazy!

Here are some moments where the red lip slayed!

Images: Pinterest, Pretty Designs