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Philadelphia, PA 19104

style chronicles: forward


style chronicles: forward

Gabrielle Hickmon

Philly is such a cool city. It, like most other places, has so many distinct neighborhoods and areas. It's got this soul to it. A soul I haven't found or felt in most other major cities - in the US or abroad (and I've been to a few lol). 


It's been a lot of fun to explore Philly and hopefully, by graduation this May, I'll walk away with an experience that's touched a good portion of its parts. 

One thing that is different about Penn/Philly versus Cornell is that I care a lot more about how I look both in and out of class. This has of course caused my shopping addiction to spiral even further out of control. Pray for my bank account. 

I'm living. I'm learning. I'm loving. I'm growing. Some days, that looks like my best attempts at embodying all the magic that is Solange. Others? Doing my best impersonation of the fierceness of Beyoncé. But mostly, I'm just somewhere in the middle. Having no clue where I'm going, yet walking forward anyway. 

Outfit Details:
Romper: ASOS sold out. Similar here
Sweater: Primark (Purchased in the UK)
Chelsea Boots: ASOS
Lip: MAC 'Deep Rooted'