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Black Tie 101

The Reign XY

Last month, I attended my first black tie event at the United Nations. In the months and weeks prior to the event, I spent a lot of time worrying and wondering about what to wear. Thank God I still had my prom dress and it fit meaning no freshman 15, sophomore 10, or junior 11 for me (WOOHOO!) In order to save you from worrying and scrambling to find something like I did, here are options for dresses and explanations of what black tie even really means!

Black Tie Formal 

Black tie formal is the dressiest dresscode you will probably see as it relates to events (galas, weddings, etc.). It means that you should wear something that will fit into to a room full of men in tuxedos or very nice suits. You should probably stick to a floor length gown but can likely get away with a cocktail dress or dress with a shorter hem if it's appropriate. 

Dress 1  
Dress 2 
Dress 3 
Dress 4 
Dress 5 

Black Tie Optional 

Basically the same as Black tie formal but with some freedom. Pick a dress that will hold its own in a room full of cocktail dresses or floor length gowns. 

Dress 1
Dress 2
Dress 3