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    7 style “tips” I’m stealing from the Brits

    I miss England. I miss England. I miss England. Okay, now that I got that out of my system, we can get to the 7 style “tips” I’m stealing from the Brits. They might not do food the best, but they sure can dress! (I mean, let’s be real, Europeans dress so much better than Americans do). I also wish I had been creepy and taken more random pictures of people to insert into this post. Oh well. Links to shop the section can be found below its gallery. 

    1. The importance of a good (warm), CUTE, coat. 

    It gets cold in England, like COLD. AND, it rains, all the bloody time. The American in me was yearning for my bubble coat. The British around me were rocking cute trenches and colorful pea coats. Lesson learned. 

    Black w/Leopard//Camel w/Fur//Pink//Blocked Camel

    2. New Balance/Adidas (a-di-dahs in British English)/Sneakers in general 

    Before studying abroad in England, I always thought New Balance/Adidas were stuff that like, only my parents could wear (because well they used to). They just weren’t cool to me at all. Now, I’m dying to cop a pair of New Balance’s with a pink and green color-way and a classic pair of Adidas sneakers. People wore them with everything from dresses to trousers (the British word for pants – pants are undies in the UK) and it just blew my mind. Sneakers can and should be worn outside of the gym. (Who knew?!)

    Adidas//Cigarette Pants//New Balance//Printed Pants

    3. Black, black, and more black

    Nuff said. I need more black shirts, shoes, trousers, coats, bags, dresses. Black all summer and all winter. Black always. 

    4. Structured bags 

    Okay, so I am someone who really only likes branded -especially if it’s vintage- bags unless I happen to find something amazing at a thrift store. Yet, when I was at Warwick, I couldn’t help but admire the bags of almost every girl around me. I don’t think I saw one proper (like Northface type) backpack the whole time I was there – cute, fun, whimsical, classy backpacks? YES! It was also nice to not be walking in a sea of Longchamp’s. Whether the bag was Prada or River Island, they were lit and I need parts. 


    5. Print, Pattern, and Style mixing

    Maybe I’m just conservative in my style of dress, but there were so many occasions where I would see girls wearing things that I wouldn’t have thought to pair together that just WORKED! From pairing plaid with a print to dresses with New Balance’s – I had to question my print/pattern/style game at every turn (and step it up lol). 


    Because I mean, it rains. A LOT. But also, they’re just awesome. 


    7. Less is always more. 

    Again, nuff said. British style appears effortless, even though I’m sure it actually isn’t. It’s not overdone. It just looks like one woke up, threw on some amazing clothes, got that confidence in check in the mirror, and went out to face the world. Like, they actually try. #GOALS 

    Want to check out British style for yourself? These stores should be your go-to’s: ASOS, TopShop, Warehouse, New Look, Primark, etc. hell, just get on a plane, go to London and wander down Oxford Street or skip Oxford street and hit a market (I hear that’s what the locals do). You’ll figure it out. 

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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    1. January 8, 2016 / 6:52 am

      I loooooove the way they dress! So simple yet sophisticated. And clean. And crisp. And tailored. And proper. And not trying tpo hard but just.. doing it.

      • The Reign
        January 13, 2016 / 5:22 am

        Right? It’s just ah-mazing! So effortless, although I’m sure a lot of effort goes into it.

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