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    Sephora Who? Shop at the Brown Beauty Co-op

    Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact that the Brown Beauty Co-op officially opened its doors on December 8th of last year. The Brown Girl Beauty Co-op is a brick and mortar store located in D.C., that offers beauty products especially for women of color. I had the opportunity to interview both founders, Amaya Smith and Kimberly Smith (just friends, no relation) to learn more about what this luxury beauty store has to offer. The two decided to bring both of their companies that catered to women of color under one roof. Kimberly founded Marjani Beauty, an online destination for curated makeup products aimed at women of color and Amaya founded Product Junkie, a natural hair start up. Bringing the two companies together makes for the perfect one stop shop for brown girls in search of beauty products. Why should Black women be confined to small aisles in large stores when we can own the damn store?!

    brown girl beauty
    Left to right, Kimberly Smith & Amaya Smith

    Both founders were keen on creating a luxury experience for women as they shop in their store, while still offering products that range in price. They also emphasized the importance of creating a space where women of color can come in and see themselves with signs like “flexing in our melanin” and “melanin magic.” Not only will the shop serve as retail space, but also a community space where beauty events will be held like the upcoming Girls Nite In Skincare & Sips night on January 19th.

    Why should Black women be confined to small aisles in large stores when we can own the damn store?! Click To Tweet

    We talked about what to expect entering Brown Beauty, challenges of opening up a brick and mortar store and advice for women of color trying to break into beauty. You can listen to my interview with both women below! Comment and let me know if you’ll be taking a trip to the Brown Beauty Co-op.

    Jakira Shaw
    Jakira Shaw

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