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Philadelphia, PA 19104

Flexin' in Ev Bravado


Flexin' in Ev Bravado

Jakira Shaw

April 16th was my dearest Gabby’s birthday, so that meant dragging my tail to Philly to celebrate another year of sisterhood and blessings (Luh you boo!). That also meant a reason to get super cute and take pictures. I really aimed to keep it simple, but as always, I had to add in my pop of sass. I tend to stick to very neutral colors/tones. Makes it easier to put things together (in my opinion) and lends to a more classic look (usually).

One of my very simple, but trendy fits for the weekend included one hell of a jacket. We’re talking *pauses for dramatic affect* black leather, with the flame details going up the base of the jacket and sleeves. Yes ladies and gents, I said flame.

Responsible for this masterpiece is an up and coming designer by the name of Ev Bravado. He started his self-titled brand just recently in Summer 2016. His designs are characterized by the urban, courageous, bold and ever-changing culture that is New York City. Definitely would encourage you all to check it out!

Outfit Details
Jumpsuit: American Apparel
(They're going out of business so def get this jumpsuit or anything else for less!)
Jacket: Ev Bravado
Sneakers: Puma
Glasses: Off the street in Soho
Choker: Zara
Anklet: Asos