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    All summer, the people of Twitter complained it was too hot outside. The impending heat and stuffy humidity seemed to stifle some, while people like me frolicked in my mini skirts & sandals. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement I saw daily on my feed from people ready for fall weather. I saw too many posts that read: “I can’t wait for fall so I can really start dressin'” – or some iteration of that. I guess the heat stifles not only our breath but our creativity too. So now that fall has officially slapped us in the face, let me help all of us join in on the Fall Flex. With this trend watch, we’re all about to be dressin’.

    Corduroy seemingly doesn’t go out of style. I can remember with a little too much clarity taking myself to Forever 21 in my early college years to buy a new cord mini skirt each fall. I couldn’t wait to pair it with a pair of black booties & a top of some sort to show off at the latest function. Now I’ve noticed the cord trend goes far beyond those telltale skirts but to basically every other clothing option. Not to say this is remarkable or even trendy but in my opinion one should use the interesting texture to spice up some otherwise basic pieces of your wardrobe.


    Longline Jacket

    I was inspired to write this when I got this yellow longline cord duster coat from Nasty Gal a few weeks ago. Although not the best to wear in the rainy, misty weather NYC has been having lately, it’s been such a great addition to my wardrobe. The vibrant yellow & longline style of the jacket allow me to pair it with basically anything. However, the cord material makes it feel more seasonal/timely, as if I’m bring in the new season with each step I take in it. Layering this over other textures brings more fun to the most blah day’s fit.

    Source: Nasty Gal

    Biker Jacket

    Now these are a classic. I’ve been eyeing these jackets for the past few years and think I’m finally going to make that purchase. The fleece collar adds the perfect snug feel for this transitional weather. The corduroy here gives this functional basic a subtle makeover that’ll help you stand out in crowd.

    Source: Asos

    Midi Skirt

    I wanted to include a midi skirt to share my obsession with you all. Now that it’s getting colder I’m so much more reluctant to wear short skirts – duh – but at the same time I can’t quite commit to pants everyday. I’ve been having so much fun taking these midi skirts & pairing them with sweaters or turtlenecks. The fun part is leaving the house like this jacket-less – the sweater helps make the whole outfit complete on its’ own.


    Source: Zara


    I’m having so much fun experimenting with cool pants right now. Get a few basic bodysuits and turtlenecks to rotate throughout the season and swap pants daily. This way you’ll seem like your wardrobe is super expansive when really you just purchased smarter. I love this stone cord trouser from Pretty Little Thing. The cropped wide leg fit will suit any body type. Pair it with an ankle bootie & be out the door.

    Source: PrettyLittleThing

    Pinafore Dress

    Dresses are the perfect fall layering piece and when you wear them in the cord material, you’re ready for any fall event from apple picking to pumpkin carving. Like the model, pair this dress with your favorite sweater or cozy turtleneck. You’ll immediately look put together and right on trend.

    Source: Missguided


    Stay tuned for more seasonal trends! Show us how you style your favorite.


    Kiana Murden
    Kiana Murden

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