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    Fall Trends We Love

    Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I mean the trees are absolutely gorgeous and provide an amazing lesson in letting the dead things go. Fall means apple picking, sweet potato pie, Thanksgiving, and refreshing my ever growing wardrobe. Enter in my favorite fall trends below! 

    1. Metallic Flats

    In past years, I’ve been against metallic flats. I have to admit, even this year when I noticed them coming back into style, I lamented the trend because if I’m being honest, they remind me of the Wizard of Oz at times. This however did not stop me from buying my own pair. What can I say? They grew on me! Below, you’ll find some of my favorites from UK based ASOS. I’m going to try to avoid buying all of them while in the UK. Wish me luck! If none of these suit your taste, Forever 21, Topshop, J. Crew, etc. all have a style of their own. Metallic shoes are everywhere this season. 

    2. Fringe

    Fringe is literally everywhere this season. It’s on everything from shoes to dresses. Fringe is lit basically! While I haven’t yet personally indulged in this trend, some of the items below have me tempted- how fun does that pale pink t-shirt dress look to wear, hello NYE?! and the Zara embroidered bag?! Ugh. GET IN MY CLOSET. 

    3. “Girl with morals” hats

    I don’t where the phrase came from, but sometime early this year or last fall, wide-brimmed/floppy hats began being labeled as hats for girls with morals. (I’m sure some vine or meme was the source of the joke.) Anyway, these hats have stuck around and have to be one of my favorite fall accessories. A fun twist on this is a “riding cap” – don’t think one would fit over my fro, but wait on this weave come spring. 

    4. 70’s vibes

    I don’t know about you, but when I think suede, a-line skirts, flare jeans, turtlenecks, and prints from zig-zag to paisley, I think 70s! I don’t know what it is about fashion, but things always come back. And, this year, I’m getting major That 70s show vibes. I’m on the hunt for that perfect paisley piece and have already added an a-line suede skirt to my closet. 

    5. Faux-fur

    So, my mom has mink coats right. As a kid, I was always strutting around the house in them and even now when I go home, I can’t resist the allure of her minks. Hopefully, one day she’ll give them to me but for now, I make due with my faux-fur coats/vests/scarves/bags. What can I say, I have a problem. I mean that leopard jawn?! Cookie Lyon wants me to have it. 


    Five or all of the items seen above might have been purchased in the making of this post. 

    Clicking on the images above will take you to shopable links! Happy Fall.





    Gabrielle Hickmon
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