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    Inside my Gym Bag: Beauty Edition

    On a typical week I work out four to six days out of seven but I refuse to let working out stop me from enjoying life! I make time for working out either on weekend mornings or after work on weeknights. I’m always ready to catch up with people for dinner or brunch but efficiency is key! I used to carry my whole makeup bag but I quickly realized ain’t nobody got time for that! After trying a ton of different products, I’ve found a few essentials that take my face from workout to meal ready in 5 minutes!

    Clean: I am a sucker for a good makeup remover or cleansing wipe. I just dont trust the facial soap in NYC Fitness Studios so I keep Yes to Cotton wipes in my bag. A quick wipe and I’m good! These are my favorite because they’re supposed to calm irritated skin. I find that my face loves these after I’ve been sweating and agressively using gym towels for an hour. I found these at Target about a year ago and they’ve made such a difference!

    Moisturize: I’ve gotten back to basics with my moisturizer lately and I’m loving Cetaphil’s Facial Moisturizer. It’s not too heavy but replaces the moisture I’ve sweated out.. Also found at Target (not surprising, cause Target has basically everything)!

    5 Minute Makeup:  Once my face is clean and moisturized then i’m ready for my makeup essentials. I really try to keep it to 5 minutes because restaurants don’t play with reservations in NYC!

    NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: Great coverage and this line has such a variety of shades (something for everyone). The regular sized version isn’t huge but they also have mini’s! I’m a sucker for mini anything but I actually carry the regular size in my gym back. I use their foundation when I’m doing a more full face but the concealer does the trick for my quick post workout look. You don’t need a lot, and it blens in really well so it’s lasted me awhile. I use a damp beauty blender or small brush to blend it in. Since the packaging is pretty sleek it doesnt take up a lot of space.



    Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze: I use a dab of this on my cheeks to enhance the post workout glow. This stuff is HIGHLY pigmented and Haze is one of the darker colors so I only use a tiny bit. A dot or two on my finger and thats literally it. I was never into using blush but after my workout it does make a difference especially with a little highlight. The idea behind this product is that it’s supposed to be super easy to use, if you can use finger paints, you’ll be fine.



    Glossier Haloscope in Topaz: This has got to be my favorite on-the-go highlight. I love the Becca highlight as my everyday product but it’s not the easiest to travel with and if it falls the breakage is real (speaking from experience here). This product has a nice glow to it, but nothing too overwhelming and it’s super easy to apply! 



    The Balm Cosmetics Mad Lash Mascara: All mascaras are not created equal. This formula lasts all day, the color is very black and the brush really separates and elongates my lashes. I’ve tried a bunch of different mascara products but I’ve always come back to this one







    Set it & Forget it: After I’m done I do a couple quick sprays with the Lock-It Makeup Setting Spray by Kat Von D. It keeps everything in place and keeps me from looking shiny. I used Urban Decay’s Setting Sprays (All-Nighter and De-Slick) for years and decided to switch it up but I love those too so occasionally I’ll carry one to go.

    All Done & Ready to Go!

    What’s in your gym bag? 

    Kira West
    Kira West

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