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    It’s Glow Time: Nekawa Beauty Review

    Spring is here and it is time to fight off the dry, crusty ash that winter left behind (hopefully your life has not gotten to this point). What better way to do that than with shea butter from Nekawa Beauty? This past March, Nekawa Beauty launched its first line of shea butters. Nekawa was started by Awa Diaw and Chelsea Trotter, two MBA students at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Awa’s Senegalese roots inspired her to share the traditional shea butter with a bit of her own twist. Currently, the product comes in 3 different scents- original, honey vanilla, and lavender with sizes ranging from 2oz to 16oz.

      Nekawa founder Awa Diaw started the company in hopes of sharing a Senegalese staple. Source: Instagram @nek.awa

    Nekawa founder Awa Diaw started the company in hopes of sharing a Senegalese staple. Source: Instagram @nek.awa

    I received the 2oz lavender-scented shea butter. The product can be used for skin and hair, but I chose to only use it on my skin for the time being (testing a new hair regimen). The butter has a soft texture and is easy to rub between your hands (unlike some shea butters that require a bit more work to make malleable). It feels almost as if water has been infused into the product, leaving a moisturized feeling to the skin instead of just a simple glossy coat.

    Sometimes scented shea butters have a heavy perfume smell that overtakes the nature of the butter. Yet the Nekawa lavender scent is subtle, pleasant and not overbearing. It left my skin feeling moisturized from morning until night and I did not have to worry about any dryness or ashy-ness by the end of the day.

    A little bit does go a long way. I found that 2 ounces could last me about 3-4 weeks if I applied the product every day. The packaging is a simple jar, so it is easy to use, especially for those interested in using it for hair moisturizing and styling. Overall, the Nekawa Beauty shea butter is a great product line for anyone looking for a shea butter with noticeable moisture. Visit nekawabeauty.com for more information and to pick up your own jar!


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