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    Red Lips? Timeless

    There are some looks in Beauty that the makeup gods have deemed classic:

    ·      Cat eye
    ·  Smoky eye
    ·      Fresh face (The “I’m not wearing any makeup, but really I am” look)
    ·      Rosy cheeks
    ·      And most importantly the Red lip!

    Lipstick or “lip painting” dates back to ancient Egypt, where men and women colored their lips using ingredients like red ochre, carmine, wax or fat. Even before then, Ancient Sumerian men and women also painted their lips using things like crushed gemstones and white lead. Believe me when I say the red lip is, timeless.

    Fast-forward to present day and not much has changed. Women (and men) are still slaying the scene with their vibrant red lips. What’s made this look last so long (hundreds of years!), is its versatility. From a day at the museum to a night at the club with your crew – a red lip will not fail you (usually).

    2 things to keep in mind so that it doesn’t fail you:

    The rest of your makeup and the occasion

    What you do with the rest of your face will determine whether or not the red lip makes sense. For example, it probably isn’t the brightest idea to have a smoky eye and red lip when you’re taking a trip to the grocery store. Save that look for a night out with friends or a fancy dinner! Red lips also don’t go with any and all colors. If you’re feeling a bright pop of color on the eye, it’s best/safe to go with a nude lip or a gloss of some sort. I think a good rule of thumb is if you plan to go wild on the eyes, a red lip is probably not your best bet.

    The shade of red

    As beautiful as a bright red looks, (on some people) it’s definitely not for everyone. Your complexion and undertone will play a role in the shade of red suited best for you.  In most cases, the bright reds complement fairer toned skin complexions, whereas deeper/richer reds seem to really work well on darker complexions. This shouldn’t stop you from exploring all shades of red though; sometimes a bright red works perfectly with a dark lip liner regardless of complexion. Just be mindful, we don’t want you out here looking crazy!

    Here are some moments where the red lip slayed!

    Images: Pinterest, Pretty Designs

    Jakira Shaw
    Jakira Shaw

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