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    RXY Beauty Series: How it Feels to Slay Your Lashes & Brows

    2018 is coming to a close and so is our beauty series. We gave you hair, makeup, skin and nails all in the context of black women. For our last section it’s all about brows and lashes. Great eyebrows and lashes can be the difference between a “your makeup is nice!” and a “WOW, look at you sis!”. You should always aim for the wow factor when it comes to brows and lashes. Lucky for us, we got to chop it up with ladies who know what it means to pop. Here’s what we asked:

    1. Wax or threading? How often?
    2. What product(s) do you use to fill/shape your brows?
    3. Strip lashes, individuals or extensions?


    Libby is a soon to be graduate of Cornell University and a traveling mami! She also knows a thing or two about slaying faces. Keep up with her @iamlibbyb_!

    1. I used to get my eyebrows waxed by the same woman every three to four weeks in high school. Now that I am a student in a very small town, there are very few threading/waxing place options. I get my eyebrows waxed when I go home for Thanksgiving break, summer break, and winter break. A close friend recommended that I start using facial Nair ,so I began using this a couple of months ago to remove excess hairs in between wax appointments, and I get great results!
    2. Right now I am loving Benefit’s Ka-Brow! pomade color 4.5. I use the Ka-Brow! pomade to fill in my brows, and then I conceal under my brow with L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal in the color “Chestnut” with a small flat brush.
    3. I love how natural mink lash extensions look. I got some this past summer. I did, however, have a bad experience- for some reason, they were falling out the next day! I wasted so much money. I love strip lashes because they are less expensive, and they allow you to change your look up more frequently. One day a wispy lash might compliment my makeup, and the next day thicker, more dramatic lashes will compliment my makeup better.


    Rania has a knack for visuals. She knows just what to do to capture the right image. Definitely have to follow her on Instagram and might as well follow on Twitter while you’re at it!

    1. I prefer threading over waxing, but actually haven’t done anything to my brows in months. I used to get them threaded twice a month but lately, I’ve been embracing my fuller brows. If I do thread or wax them, I just ask for them to be cleaned up rather than thinned.
    2. I use a generic brow pencil I got from a beauty supply store awhile ago. I fill in my brows very lightly and if anything, use the pencil to create a more defined shape. I’ve tried various brow products throughout the years but the basic 99¢ pencil does the job well. When my brows are better groomed I’ll use Glossier’s Boy Brow to fill in any gaps.
    3. I rarely do anything to my lashes. I tried to get on the lash-wave, but honestly, I’m too lazy for the upkeep. I got my lashes professionally done once and it took way too long and they ended up looking the exact same as they did when I went in. Sometimes when I’m going out, I’ll apply strip lashes when I want a fuller, more dramatic effect. I did my own individual lashes for Spring Break and while they were cute, it took too much effort on my part.


    Always glamorous, Kristen plays no games when to comes to the slay. She’s also a proud sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Make sure you follow her! @_ohsooglammy

    1. Neither. I prefer to use an eyebrow razor to shape my brows about every two weeks. I’m really picky on how I like my brows so I like to do them myself and the eyebrow razor makes it super easy to achieve the perfect shape.
    2. The products I use on my brows are Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony by Anastasia Beverly Hills to line and fill in my brows, and at the very beginning I add a powder from the Elf Cosmetics Eyebrow Kit in Medium then use a spoolie brush to only blend out the beginning to give a nice gradient effect.
    3. As for lashes I definitely prefer strip. I tried extensions and they really irritated my eyes and I pulled them all out within a week. Strips are so much easier because I can remove them a at night & with proper care they can last a really long time.


    Sami Sol is a singer/songwriter from the city of dreams (NYC, duh!). Listen to her latest music and follow her on social media @samisolforever!

    1. I like waxing; it pulls the hair out from the root and leaves a fresh, clean look.
    2. I like to fill my brows with NYX eyebrow gel, it lasts all day long!
    3. I definitely like strip lashes but I love the way extensions look so I’m thinking about getting them done that way. I like strip lashes the best because it’s quick and easy, plus I can take them off whenever I want to have a natural look with just mascara. I use duo glue to achieve the strip lashes look and it doesn’t rip off any of your natural lashes either!


    Shae is a fashion influencer and author. Her brows and lashes are always on point! Keep up with the latest lewks and follow her @theshaemarie.

    1. I haven’t done my brows in over a year because I am trying to grow my brows out. But if I had to choose I’d say eyebrow threading because I think waxing your brows slows down hair growth and thins them out over the years (which is why I’m trying to grow mine back now). I like threading because it’s not pulling the hair from the roots, plus it looks more appealing than waxed brows in my opinion.
    2. Currently I’ve been using BH cosmetics brow trio in medium, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow duo brush and LA Girl Pro Concealer in medium beige. 
    3. Currently I use strip lashes but I prefer extensions but they are sooooo expensive. So until I find someone that can do a full set for a lower price, strip lashes it is lol.

    That wraps up RXY Beauty Series! Which section was your favorite?

    Jakira Shaw
    Jakira Shaw

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