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    Best Places to Online Shop for Your Spring Looks

    Now that it’s finally April, I can’t help but get excited that spring is here. When I get off work it’s no longer dark out & when I walk outside I’m not slapped by a fierce wind chill. Happier times are coming!

    For me, any big life transition calls for some new pieces to my wardrobe – weather changes included. Basically any excuse to shop is good enough reason for me!

    Truth be told, I’m an avid online shopper. Most of my clothes are from online & I notoriously buy an outfit on Tuesday to get shipped to my door by Friday for my weekend flings. I shop in my spare time & so much of my writing revolves around pieces you just can’t find in store.

    So, here’s some websites that are seriously feeding my spring inspo for every trend, staple & budget.


    Missguided collabs will always give you a seasonal trend through their collections with someone famous or notorious. This season it’s a collection with singer/actress, Madison Beer. Can’t say this is my favorite collab by any means but this collection gives me naughty school girl meets rebel vibes through the plaid pleated skirts and graphic tube tops  The tube top is what really catches my eye. I’ve been seeing them with different slogans up & down my Instagram feed as a casual piece to pair with your fave bottoms while showing off your great shoulders and making a statement. Win win.


    Revolve’s popularity is increasing infinitely by the second through their highly successful influencer marketing campaigns, social relevance, & of course #revovlearoundtheworld. They recently did a collab with Nike for the The 1 Reimagined collection, kicked off during All Star Weekend with a series of events & parties in LA. Though the brand received some backlash for not being inclusive enough on their influencer trips, even brands like Nike are trying to cash into their loyal fan base. Not nearly for those ballin’ on a budget, but you can’t deny that the clothes would be perfect for your dream vacay.

    Miss Pap

    I wouldn’t recommend this one for huge clothing hauls or closet revamps but this is another site for this seasons hot trends. I found this site from a few European IG hunnies & haven’t looked back since. Not only do they have quick shipping but they have all the pieces to keep up the heat with your faves. Accessories included – need those tassel earrings or cute little fanny pack? They probably have one to suit your needs. 


    Boohoo is an old favorite of mine but it honestly doesn’t jump up the top of my search list when I’m in dire need of a few new pieces. The site can be hit or miss. I’ve bought items that screamed ‘scam’ & made me wonder how they finessed it on the model. Other times I’ve found timeless pieces that I wear daily, like this longline fur coat that I can’t believe I ever lived without. Their current ‘Zendaya Edit’  has me ready to spend some coins. I really want to try the wide leg denim culottes maybe paired with the ‘Be’ slogan tee. *emoji eyes*

    Forever 21

    Please don’t sleep on Forever 21 online, friends. Like in store, the online site is a bottomless pit. The navigation doesn’t let you narrow down your search enough as compared to the high volume of clothes they offer. However, if you’re willing to dig through pages of clothes or know exactly what you’re looking for to search it in the tool bar, this is for you. F21 is known for having endless styles so it’s no surprise they have something to suit everyone’s style. I’m always surprised how different each of the pieces are from basics to more statement items that push you out of your comfort zone. I love how they dress the models on the site – endless inspiration, basically. 

    Hope this list helps you dress like your best self this spring. Everyone loves a fresh start. What are your favorite places to shop?

    Kiana Murden
    Kiana Murden

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