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    Style Chronicles: City of Dreams, NYC

    “Everywhere I go, every nation know
    I’m a New York dude that’s not New York rude
    All over the world I eat New York food
    Ha, I’m at home anywhere, any place
    Right now somebody from New York in this place
    Yeah, no matter where I be
    I’ll always be N-Y-C”
    – KRS One

    I love my city in case you haven’t noticed. That’s basically what this shoot was inspired by. The grime, the glamour, the fast pace – all NYC style. New York is one of the fashion capitals so it’s obviously home to of an array of styles and swags. Streetwear resonated the most with me, so I came up with some cute fits to show off. Enjoy! Details are listed below.


    Photographer: @theworldofape
    Makeup: @nyjats
    1st outfit
    Sneakers: Nike Vapor Max
    Leggings: Ivy Park
    Top: Zara
    Coat: H&M
    2nd outfit
    Hoodie: Zara
    Jeans: Cide Clothing
    Sneakers: Fenty Creepers

    Jakira Shaw
    Jakira Shaw

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