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    Keep Your Curls Clean: Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Review

    When I finally decided to commit to my curls and put down the flat iron, I mainly focused on conditioners. Shampoo was sort of important, but as long as it got my hair squeaky clean I didn’t really care about the brand or ingredients. Needless to say my experience picking shampoos was very straight to the point. Oh this one is on sale? I will have it. Oh it goes with this conditioner? Perfect. The only thing I probably searched the ingredients for was sulfates, because I know that is a big no for hair.

    Recently, I was able to broaden my shampoo horizons and try this new tea tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics. It’s also made with other natural ingredients like lavender oil, jojoba oil and rosemary oil to name a few. I know I mentioned I’m not picky with shampoos, but one thing that’s key for me is a product that actually cleans. After using this shampoo, no lie, my scalp and hair felt refreshed. I do a lot of wash and go’s and slicked back buns, so a shampoo that can tackle that build up of product is important for me. The tea tree oil also helps increase blood circulation on the scalp which means my scalp was ready to receive the coconut oil, Jamaican castor oil and avocado oil I applied after (ingredients for my deep condish).

    I’ve only used this shampoo a couple of times, but so far so good! I use with my normal routine and it’s definitely helping my hair to lock in the moisture and retain a healthy shine (which is another plus because my scalp is a little on the dry side). Interested and want to try it out yourself? Sis, you can try for the FREE 🙂 Let us know if you like it!


    As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support The Reign XY. 

    Jakira Shaw
    Jakira Shaw

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