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    TriHerbal Cosmetics Review

    We tried TriHerbal Cosmetics Brown Sugar and Grapeseed Oil Scrub, as well as, Peppermint and Honey TSA Hair Mist. The Brown Sugar and Grapeseed Oil Scrub is better than the brown sugar scrub you’re whipping up for yourself at home. Moisturizing and exfoliating, it’s become a staple in our weekly routine for keeping our lips from getting chapped and dry. Next up, we’ve got to try it on our full face!

    The Peppermint and Honey TSA Hair Mist elevates your water in a spray bottle and works hard to moisturize, while also clearing your scalp. Refreshing and useful for our dry scalp, the hair mist also works great on protective styles. We used it when our hair was in faux locs and followed it up with some tea tree oil, to keep our scalp clean, clear, and moisturized. 

    Get into our interview with them below! 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself: What is Tri Herbal Cosmetics?

    Tri Herbal Cosmetics is a black-owned cosmetic line promoting an organic and herbal hair care regimen. From hair mists to body scrubs, THC aims to alter the narrative of hair care from a chore to an ecstatic experience. Products such as Peppermint & Honey, a TSA hair mist, pair fragrance with purpose as only organic peppermint extract and raw honey are used to combat dandruff and to invigoratingly moisturize. At THC, there is something for everyone as we also offer products such as our Beard Buttahs Balm to enhance our male #beardbaes.

     The TriHerbal Cosmetics Product line.

    The TriHerbal Cosmetics Product line.

    How did THC get its start in the cosmetic industry?

    THC started in my apartment. It began with in-depth research in 2012, but I didn’t begin to execute until I was confident enough in my formulas. At the time, I was in high school and I realized I was running into cosmetic issues. I rarely found products that were tailored to my thick hair and to my complex skin, so beauty was a painful process for me; it felt like nothing was for me. I realized I was not the only woman of color struggling with these issues, so I decided to make products that are for us by us. However, these products are not exclusive to people of color. Initially, I invested $50 in packaging and raw materials, and I began selling my products on the University of Missouri campus. From there, I invested my profits to support the opening of my online store.

    Talk to us about your production process. You work to minimize toxicity, why is that important?

    THC prides itself on producing herbal and organic materials, so the majority of our raw materials are from Ghana. Purchasing raw materials is important in order to stay consistent with herbal and organic formulas. These formulas not only provide physical healing agents, but they also provide psychological and emotional benefits, however, they should not be used as a sole treatment for any medical disadvantages. With a background in chemistry, biology and Africana studies, I was able to craft these doubly-functioning products.

    Thanks for sending us your TSA Hair Mist and Brown Sugar and Grape Seed Scrub. What benefits could readers expect from using your products?

    Overall, readers can definitely expect benefits in the areas of retaining moisture (skin or hair), promoting hair growth and gaining an overall radiance. For example, the Brown Sugar and Grapeseed Oil Scrub includes grapeseed oil, which has antioxidants, to cater to sensitive skin types. It also incorporates avocado oil and carrot oil, which helps users age like wine. Together, these ingredients help to remove dead skin cells on the face, body, and lips. Lastly, it includes tea tree oil, which combats acne with its toning properties.  I recommend nightly use for the benefits of an even skin tone, a radiant glow, and avoiding forthcoming acne.

    What space do you hope THC comes to occupy in the cosmetic and or Black business arena?

    THC is currently a small business that is primarily sold online, but the goal is surely to expand and to ultimately become a household name. I would like THC to be sold in big chain drugstores across the globe, so we’re passionately and patiently paying our dues until it is our time to introduce the world to a pleasurable beauty experience.

    How can anyone best be of support or find you? Shameless plug!

    You can find THC in the Mizzou Student Center at the Mizzou Bridge store and in All-Star Cuts on Business Loop in the Parkade Center in Columbia, MO.  We are currently looking to continually expand throughout the state of Missouri as well as neighboring states in the Midwest. Follow us on Twitter (@trihcosmetics) and IG (@triherbalc) to stay connected #daTHCway. 

    As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support The Reign XY. And thank you to TriHerbalCosmetics for sending us some of their products to try. 


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