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    6 Jeans You Need to Survive Winter

    Throughout high school and college, I notoriously hated jeans. I was completely anti-pants, finding any excuse to wear a short skirt or at the very most leggings (but God forbid leggings as pants). In college once winter came, I’d wear the same pairs of compression pants and leggings on repeat. I’d really only put on jeans if I was going out, but even then I hated them. I just never found my basic skinnies flattering for my slim body type, uncomfortable & so not versatile. However, now that I’m getting more explorative with my personal style & more well-versed in fashion trends I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the dark, denim tunnel. So to help all of us look our best this winter in all the denim the world has to offer, here’s my must-have jean guide to survive winter. Be sure to click the pictures to shop the items!

    Boyfriend: Shoutout to whoever thought to put on their man’s jeans with a feminine twist. Boyfriend jeans are literally the most comfortable of them all because of their relaxed fit. But just because they’re relaxed doesn’t mean they can’t be dressed up for a night out or even to your office (granted you don’t work in a super formal place). Try a light-washed, distressed pair with some sneakers for a casual day out instead of your normal skinnies then switch to your favorite pointy toe heels for night. Mid-wash, non-distressed is cool too..

    Fun Hem: Honestly, I never thought my style would get to a point where I wanted to wear jeans like this. Some of you reading this are probably thinking ‘why the hell would I wear that?’ but I promise I feel your vibe. That used to be me, but keep an open mind & think of the possibilities. I’ve been eyeing a frayed hem pair for months now that might just be my next purchase.

    Black: A good pair (or several pairs) of black jeans will take you far. This is honestly a staple piece that shouldn’t be avoided. I remember when I bought my first pair of low-rise black jeans at H&M my freshman year of college it totally felt out of my comfort zone. It felt so daring to wear jeans in a non-traditional color. But when I realized that black jeans go with literally everything, I bought two more duplicate pairs and basically wore them everyday…I think they make an outfit look more put together for whatever the occasion.

    Mom/Vintage: Fashion seems to be going through some weird vintage kick right now. Things our parents wore are suddenly back in style. Champion sweat suits, which were onced shunned in Walmart, are now up in price at Urban Outfitters. Vintage jeans have been in since thrifting became popular a few years back, so this is in no way a new trend. But if you’re late to the party like me, here’s your reminder to buy a pair. These relaxed fit jeans probably won’t have much stretch to them but their retro feel will level up a boring outfit.

    High-Waisted: I could write for years about the joy that is the high-waisted jean. But I don’t have to because unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen them everywhere. Your fave beauty guru has a pair, your bestie, and probably even you. Did you get them from Fashionnova? I sure hope so! These bad boys will create curves out of thin air, lift the booty, & be comfortable enough to dance all night in (except for if you eat a little too much…they can start to get a little tight). Even if you already have a pair, buy a few more. I definitely don’t see this style going anywhere anytime soon.

    Contrast Wash: Now this is definitely a trend I’m trying to ease my way into. One of my coworkers has the most amazing pair of multi-wash boyfriend jeans & I honestly need to find them too. Why not let jeans be the statement piece your everyday look craves. Try this wash in your favorite denim style for your next experiment.

    Hope these trend suggestions were helpful. Let’s all invest in some good denim & build a solid winter wardrobe. Happy shopping!

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    Kiana Murden
    Kiana Murden

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