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    How to find nice accommodations abroad

    So you booked a trip! Congratulations. Buying a flight is of course only step one in planning your adventure. Step two comes with securing somewhere to stay – unless of course you’re into sleeping outside or something like that. Read on for tips and tricks to booking nice accommodations at home or abroad from The Reign XY. 


    One of our favorite ways to secure a home during a trip is through Airbnb, which is a service that lets you stay in other people’s homes at your destination. If you have a business and open a business account you can get $50 off your first stay. With options ranging from single rooms with single beds to full houses, you’re sure to find the right place for your trip. I always find it helpful to message the host to say why I’m interested in coming and that I’m looking forward to staying at their place. You also want to make sure you’re going with a listing that has positive reviews and lots of pictures because ain’t nobody got time for any surprises. 

    P.S. If you can get a super host, even better! 

    P.P.S Airbnb is now letting you book experiences through them, meaning you can schedule your walking tour, water adventure, or whatever else all through their platform!


    Created after founder Stefan’s negative experience during a stay in Atlanta, Noirbnb is another platform like Airbnb that enables you to stay in someone else’s home, book an experience, and connect with good vibes in the destination of your choosing. The difference between the two? Noirbnb was created specifically with travelers of color in mind and aims to promote unity, inclusion, and acceptance within the travel space. 


    Usually a cheaper alternative, hostels are often going to require you to share your space with travelers you might not know. The beds are usually twins and you get a locked drawer to keep your stuff in (should you choose to). Popular with backpackers and budget travelers, hostels can be a cool experience if you’re traveling solo and want to stay somewhere that provides a built in opportunity to meet other people. I stayed in hostels in both Copenhagen and London and besides a couple getting it on in the bed across the way in Copenhagen, had a very positive experience. As always, be sure to keep your wits about you and stay safe. 

    HostelWorld is my favorite site to book a hostel through, but there are many, many options so make sure you find the hostel that will work best for you. 

    P.S. You can often book private rooms, it will just cost you a bit more!


    Obviously you knew about this one, but I wanted to put your on to a little trick I use to secure lower rates, which is joining loyalty programs. I’m a member of Hilton’s because my line sister works for them and hooked me up (I stayed at the Hilton in Cartagena for around $300 for 5 days when it was supposed to be at least a stack for that amount of time). Major key!

    Your most likely to encounter a Starwood/Marriott, Hilton, or Wyndham hotel so unless you’re loyal to one brand over the other, I’d recommend signing up for their loyal/honors/friends & family program to get lower rates. I’m sure they also offer discounts to folks who have their credit cards, but we’re on our financial freedom shit around here so, don’t get one unless you’re gonna pay it off each month/after every stay. 

    That’s it! Hope this helps. 


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