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    Hardly Home, Always Reppin

    Traveling is this amazing thing. And at the risk of sounding trite, let me just say that it really does open your eyes and heart to so many pieces of yourself and the world that you never knew existed. The one downside in my eyes is that it can mean being pulled away (if not mentally, then physically) from the ones you love. And let’s be real, a virtual hug from your mom, kiss from your partner, or gossip session with your friends just is not the same as the real thing. It’s not. For all of our technical advances, we still have not been able to replicate the magic that results from human connection- praise Gawd! 

    You see, I used to think that the college I attended, newest purse, or journeying to some far off land would make me truly happy. And yes, there is joy derived from those experiences/items. But, I’ve realized, especially during this trip to Peru, that the things we do, see, and accomplish, mean nothing if there’s no one to share them with. Peace, happiness, joy, is baking red velvet cakes with my mom on Christmas Eve. It’s watching the NBA playoffs with my dad and talking trash because we’re cheering for different teams (for some gawd awful reason he is a Lebron fan). It’s snuggling up with my baby cousins as they fall asleep on my lap at family functions. It’s sharing memes or discussing relationships with my guy friends that are really more like brothers at this point. Joy is in dishing about the guy I met two days ago and won’t like in a week with my girlfriends. 

    This is of course not to say that my happiness is contingent upon them. Life has taught me that only I, through God’s grace, can give myself that gift. No, it’s to say that humans were created to live in fellowship with each other – making contact with others essential for our survival. And, in-spite of all the places I’ve been and still want to go, there is just no place like home. Because, as fun, important, and necessary as it is to go, do, be, explore, venture, visit, travel, unearth, and wander, it’s equally important to come home. 

    It’s worth nothing that instead of being sad about missing people, birthdays, weddings, or graduations, I’ve learned to be thankful that my life is so full of people to love and celebrate in the first place – even if it is from afar sometimes.  

    After all, when the love is real, it’s limit does not exist.  

    T-10 days until I’m home. T-22 days until I’m on the road again. 
    I might be hardly home, but I promise I’m always reppin. Thanks to the tribe of people in my life that make coming home something to look forward to. And, thanks for understanding my deep need for wandering. I love you.  

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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