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    One of my favorite things to do before a trip is outfit plan. I think outside of the actual traveling part, serving looks while on vacation is my favorite part of any trip honestly. Below you’ll find some of my favorite brands to hit in general, but especially before a trip (domestic or international).

    Shop AU

    Shop AU is run by one of my favorite creatives, Asiyami Gold. The current collection was inspired by her time in Oaxaca, Mexico. I definitely have the straw bag in the picture on the right and am scheming on one of the off the shoulder tops too.


    One night, when I couldn’t sleep and was scrolling through my Instagram explore page, I came across LLULO’s Instagram and was captivated by the swimsuit you see below. So of course I copped for my trip to Costa Rica. LLULO creates “original products that are culturally infused to help you stand out.” Go support.

    Apolis Global

    Apolis Global is a company that sells many things, the most famous of which is probably their market bags. You can buy a bag that has your neighborhood, state and country making it a fun way to truly be hardly home but always reppin.

    Loza Maléombho

    Deep Instagram scrolling also led me to the work of Loza Maléombho. I copped some shoes and the rest is history. I took them with me to Costa Rica, but to no fault of the shoes, none of those pictures are cute enough to make the blog. Nevertheless, you want a pair of these sandals in your carry-on for your next trip to the beach or any warm climate.

    Cult Gaia

    Apparently this bag has garnered a cult following, which now includes me as its latest member. After having my eye on this bag for a while, buying a few flights within the last week gave me just the reason I needed to bite the bullet and purchase it. Can’t wait to style it on my next trip!

    Res Ipsa

    Buy me a pair of loafers and a bag so I know it’s real. Res Ipsa is a company founded by two lawyers and the brand is travel. “The thing speaks for itself,” something each of their vibrant products surely does.


    AAKS is another company I discovered by lurking on Instagram pages weeks back at a time. Founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi with the goal of introducing the world to Ghanaian weaving techniques while also creating sustainable jobs in Africa, AAKS is a brand with gorgeous products and a mission we love. The Pissie Tassel bag will be mine. Just wait on it.


    RiotSwim is a company I literally just discovered last night when a friend DMed me the link to their site after tweeting that I needed a new site for swimwear. Needless to say I already copped a suit and can’t wait to break it out on my next trip. It’s Sexier When You Riot and I love the minimalist design of their swimsuits.

    Some other more mainstream favorites: ASOS for swimsuits + day looks, River Island for swimwear, and Steve Madden for sandals.

    What are your favorite sites/stores to hit before a trip? Let us know in the comments!

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