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    Gabby’s Guide to Costa Rica

     Tamarindo Playa, Costa Rica

    Tamarindo Playa, Costa Rica

    You ever take a trip that’s exactly what you needed at exactly the right time? That’s what my Thanksgiving vacation to Costa Rica last year was. I know it’s 2017 now, but y’all gone get these pictures and commentary anyway. 

    I’ve always said and will forever say that I am my best self when I’m traveling, forced out of my element, exploring and experiencing life in a place and way that is different from mine. I can just think clearer, hear my voice better, and take the world in deeper.  This was the first international trip I took purely for tourism since before going to Cornell so the experience was an adjustment, but amazing nonetheless. 

     View from the Hilton Panama roof. 

    View from the Hilton Panama roof. 


    The trip started with an overnight layover in Panama City, Panama. Thanks to my lovely linesister, we stayed at the Hilton Panama, which was probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed at when not in the U.S. Our room had a gorgeous view of the water and great lighting for selfies. I arrived hours before everyone else because I booked my flights late, so had some time to chill and just take in being away. After getting cute and meeting my friends + LS, we went to dinner at LAZOTEA, a roof top restaurant, again with a view of the water. Uber works in Panama City so we Ubered there and Ubered back. Look at God and modern technology. 

    The next day we caught our flight from Panama City, Panama to Liberia, Costa Rica. Once we landed in Liberia and got through immigration, we took about a two hour van ride to Tamarindo Playa (Beach), Costa Rica where we were staying and the vacation really began!

    There days were spent at the beach, napping in our hotel room, laying out by the pool, and drinking shots of Tequila and margaritas by the hotel bar! We were actually there during Hurricane Otto so when it wasn’t raining, we were making sure to capture the suns rays and take them in as our own. 

    Costa Rica is also a great place to go adventuring. For us, this looked like a zip lining, horseback riding, mud-bathing, hot springs day and a sunset boat cruise. I would advise against booking your activities ahead of time unless you know for sure you’ll be able to cancel them if you find a cheaper deal in-country. This happened to us with our adventure day and luckily we were able to cancel our previously booked tour and find something with the same excursions for less upon arrival in country. Just have in mind what you want to do and book it when you get there. That’s a tip from me to you!

    All in all, Costa Rica was an amazing trip and great country to start my third set of 10. 30 before 30, here I come. Colombia, you’re up next! (I’ll try to be quicker with that post too. LOL).

    Gabrielle Hickmon
    Gabrielle Hickmon

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