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    6 Tips for Working Out on Trips

    While many people view vacations as a time strictly for relaxing and taking part in no physical activity (no shame), some, including myself, find exercising relaxing, fun and a great addition to trips.

    I recently went to Palo Alto, California to visit some family and found that taking a little bit of time to exercise during the trip was the best thing for me. I know there are many constraints on working out during travel that make exercising unappealing. So here are 6 tips to help you plan and be motivated to workout during extended trips.


    1. Strategic Packing

    A major hassle of working out during travel is packing workout gear to begin with. However, it might not be as complicated or weighty as you think. During your location research factor in the climate and environment in relation to exercising. You may realize that you do not need some items after a little investigation (e.g. if you are going to a beach, you may not need hefty sneakers because you can workout barefoot in the sand).

    2. Apps Can Save the Day

    Often times figuring out the types of workouts that can even be done where you’re going can be difficult. You may not be able to tell about the structure of the area or the space you will have just based on the internet. To help, download apps like the Nike+ Training App to generate workouts for you and keep track of your progress. This way, you don’t have to do too much planning and can limit your excuses for not exercising.

    3. Friends Who Travel Together Workout Together

    While we don’t always have control over this, your travel partners can really determine your workout schedule during the trip. Take advantage of exploring the terrain by going on long walks/jogs together or even just attempting a mini workout to see if it is something you’d like to do throughout the trip.

    4. Scenery Can Be Key🔑

    Research some of the most visually stunning open areas of your travel location and opt to do a run, walk or even HIIT workout there. While exercise is stressful (but good stressful), being in a beautiful location can be motivation to take in the gorgeous scenery while elevating your heart rate.

    6 tips for working out when traveling!

    5. Simple Workouts

    If getting an App does not work for you, opt to look for simple workouts beforehand. Sites like Tumblr and Pinterest have great ideas for exercise routines and repetitions that are simple and to the point.

    6. Use (Inexpensive) Items Around You as Equipment

    For those who like to use equipment, you can utilize everyday objects around you as workout items. Using a countertop for tricep pushups or a wall for wall-sits is a great way to take advantage of your space both during travel and even at home.

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