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    Peace, Love, and Flights

    Whenever I’m stressed out, a little bored or just looking for a new adventure I end up looking for flights. Some people meditate (which I do on occasion) but more regularly I search. For me it has almost become a game, knowing that if I can fit the puzzle pieces together, I can get a better deal. For me, the promise of new adventure can somehow be calming. Thinking back to where this all started, I have to give my Stepmom, Genene credit since I was raised by the trip going Deal Goddess herself. 

    Anyway, when I’m searching it’s always helpful to have the right tools. I really couldn’t live without the following Apps and Websites. People always ask me how I find the deals and honestly, I don’t always find the deals sometimes the deals find me. 

    The Flight Deal & Secret Flying: Both sites tweet flight deals and there’s a handful of deals every day. The Flight Deal focuses on major US airports while Secret Flying gives you deals throughout the world. I rarely ever use the desktop sites but I follow both on twitter and have alerts set up so that I get all the deals. I’d rather scroll through more notifications than miss a good deal!

    Skyscanner: If I had to choose a favorite, this would be it. I’ve never used it for hotels or car rentals but for flights it’s the best! The explore feature is so much fun. You can choose to “explore” and literally search from your home airport to EVERYWHERE. You can narrow the search by time of year, month or even weekend to find the best deals. Skyscanner lets you track flights and sometimes you’ll find deals via Skyscanner hours before they’re listed by any flight deal website. Google Flights has similar features but I find Skyscanner to be a bit easier to use and overall a bit more intuitive.

    Hopper: If you have a specific destination in mind and some time before the trip Hopper has helpful insight that will tell you when to buy. While I would love to buy every good flight I see, sometimes you just can’t. Hopper will tell you if flight prices are predicted to go down up or stay flat and can also give you a good idea of the average flight price. While the lowest fares they list never seem to be the lowest (thank you Skyscanner), the trends are usually on point and give a little more perspective to the deals.

    A few words of advice coming from someone who has missed a few good deals. If you have the money in the bank, can get the time off of work or school and see a deal that’s really good…BOOK IT!  Most companies give you 24 hours to cancel so that’s a whole day to think deeply about it.

    Peace, Love, and Flights!

    Kira West
    Kira West

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