#TheReignTravels: G H A N A

The air smells like smoke, my feet know where to go, and my soul feels at home. There is something about this place, something about Ghana that puts my humanity at peace when I am here. I do not feel threatened or misunderstood. Here, I can be. Here, my spirit flys free. My coiled hair is normal. My skin, while light- is still alright. Customs different, but similar, it is clear that I am a descendant, distant relative of the life that exists here. 

“I am glad you have made it home safely.” – Sam, the driver

 Photo Credit: Eva Jahan

Photo Credit: Eva Jahan

Me too Ghana. Me too. I greet thee Mother Africa. To the ancestors, it is lovely to be with you again- to feel fortified from your hello. Clay red. Trees green. Spirits high. Home. Here, all is right in my world. Here, I become known. 

Nantie yie. 
[Walk well.]

Gabrielle Hickmon

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