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    To Market, To Market

    Are there big outdoor markets in the USA? I can only recall seeing them in St. Louis and Detroit outside of Europe and now South Africa (the Christmas markets in Europe are literally to die). Anyway, if you’re ever in Cape Town and I do hope you find yourself there, here are two markets to check out: The Old Biscuit Mill and Greenmarket Square. 

    Now, these markets have completely different vibes. The Old Biscuit Mill is home to the Neighborgoods Market which is very “artisan” and hipster – still cool though. I got a leather backpack that I’ve literally used everyday this summer and will continue to use for a long time when I get home. I also purchased a floral cape that’s fabulous, espadrille’s that I’ve been living in, a printed scarf, etc. etc. We all know I have a shopping problem. For the record there’s no bartering here, but prices were still pretty modest especially with the USD-ZAR exchange rate. 

    Greenmarket Square is a bit more like a market in West Africa, except it’s not because this is Cape Town. Irregardless, head to Greenmarket Square if you want more seemingly authentic or at least African goods. Headwraps, paintings, sculptures, etc. Make sure you stop and talk with the vendors, they have the most interesting stories. It’s also okay to barter here, just don’t OD as people do need to make a living. 

    There’s also a night market at the V&A waterfront on Wednesday’s that’s nice but can be a bit overpriced as the waterfront is marketed to tourists. Another cool market to hit is at The Palms. It’s more about food and it’s at night but is still a good time. 

    Here’s to souvenirs you’ll love or just a fun day at the market. 
    Where do you shop when you’re abroad?

    Photos: Damola Akintunde

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